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Getting Started

The process is straight forward and simple!

Here are some things you need to know!

What’s Included in our Membership?

For all of our members, you get to enjoy:

-Use of all common kitchen equipment such as:

Ovens, sinks, carts, etc.

-Free Wifi 

-Utilities including: Trash, recycling, compost, water, gas, and electric

-Alarm and key access

-Load in/out access

What We Require From Our Members:

-An active WA State Business License

-Business Insurance naming us additionally insured

-A copy of your WSDA License (wholesale) and/or King County Health Department Permit (retail) 

-Signed month-to-month membership agreement or 6 month agreement for resident status

-We collect first month’s fees, last month’s fees and a deposit (equal to your monthly fees) at signing

Moving Forward With Your Membership:

1. Pay Application Fee.  When you are ready to join us, the first step is to email us here  to let us know you are ready to move forward. We will then send you an invoice for $150, non-refundable application fee. 


2. Complete a New Member Information Questionnaire and Agreement.    These forms will collect basic info about your desired schedule, storage needs and preferred kitchen location, so we can put together your membership agreement and get the ball rolling for your sign-up as a new member.

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